Amy Poehler Won The Emmys

Josh touched on this earlier today in his collection of highlights and lowlights from last night’s Emmy Awards, but I want to take a second to give an extra special UPROXX shout out to Amy Poehler, who was last night’s big winner in a landslide despite not taking home any awards. The dress, the banter with Louis CK while presenting, the whole acceptance speech bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who, although I preferred Poehler’s work on Parks & Rec, was certainly a defensible selection), all of it. A+ and a rocketship sticker. Pizza party on Friday.

I do not know Amy Poehler and Will Arnett personally. Nor do I know the circumstances of their separation.. For all I know it was very amicable, and they plan on remaining good friends throughout the whole process. Hopefully that’s the case. But here’s something I do know: When you’re going through a breakup, whether you’re a man or a woman, it feels good as sh-t to show up to a big fancy party attended by all your friends and co-workers looking hotter than Thai food, and steal the show by being awesome and hilarious from beginning to end. Amy Poehler doesn’t need my sympathy — she’s doing A-OK out there on her own without me throwing in my unsolicited two cents — but still, HOT DAMN. If only for looking like a total fox and being incredibly gracious and funny in defeat, she should have at least been given an award for Best Lady Around last night.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Congrats, Amy Poehler, on being the winner of UPROXX’s First Annual Best Lady Around Award.