Amy Schumer Explains A Stand-Up Comedy Tradition In The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘The Leather Special’

As promised by one of many press releases detailing Netflix’s explosion of comedy output, the first trailer for Amy Schumer’s The Leather Special is now available for all to see, love, loathe, or all of the above. The star of films like the forthcoming Snatched and Trainwreck, as well as her Emmy-winning Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer hasn’t put out a new stand-up special since 2015’s Live at the Apollo. Two years might not seem like a long time, but considering her recent output, it’s amazing Schumer managed to make The Leather Special on the heels of a recent national tour.

So why “leather”? As Schumer explains toward the trailer’s conclusion, “Every comic has some special where they wear all leather and they regret it later.” After all, Eddie Murphy famously wore a red, all-leather suit in Delirious, and countless other male and female comics have followed his example ever since. Whether or not they were simply copying the look or lampooning it, as Tracy Morgan did in Eddie Murphy: One Night Only, depends on the comic. Schumer doesn’t explicitly mention either Murphy or Morgan in The Leather Special‘s trailer, but she does joke about regretting the wardrobe decision after delivering her explanation — much to the crowd’s amusement.

The Leather Special streams Tuesday, March 7th exclusively on Netflix.