An 11-Year-Old In A Bolo Tie Called Out Dallas City Council Members For Being Rude

03.02.13 19 Comments

Please make a note: Effective immediately, David Williams is my dude.

You see, David Williams is an 11-year-old who attended a recent Dallas City Council meeting. After a little trouble finding the podium, he asked the council members a concise, direct question about an important issue. (“What is an alternative for the teachers to keep the schools safe in [the Dallas school district] without having to bring dangerous weapons to school?”) If that was all he did during the meeting — hell, during the year — he’d already have most of us trumped in the old civic duty department.

But then, while he was waiting for an answer to his question, and while other constituents were taking the podium to voice their concerns, David Williams noticed that the council members were up walking around, and seemingly not paying attention. So he walked back up to the microphone and said this:

“Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?”

Yes. YES. Do you see this, people? Our representatives in Washington blew out of town early instead of trying to figure out how to deal with potentially dangerous automatic budget cuts, and most of us did nothing more than grumble about it at the dinner table. David Williams saw something he was concerned about, put on a sweet-as-hell bolo tie, got his mom to drive him to a city council meeting, and spoke truth to power in the most polite, devastating way imaginable.

I repeat: My dude.

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