Andy Daly Recalls Editing The ‘Review’ Sex Tape Episode While Other Coffee Shop Patrons Looked On

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re very excited about Comedy Central’s Review. Its third and final season premiered last week, promising all kinds of new and wonderful horrors for show-within-a-show host Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly) to explore. Yet the darkly funny program’s previous two season are rife with comedy gold, as are Daly’s stories about putting it all together. For in addition to starring in Review, the Upright Citizens Brigade-trained improv comedian also serves as a writer and producer on the series. This means he sometimes edits episode cuts… in public.

Per Daly’s recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, one of the first season’s more memorable moments concerns “Making a Sex Tape/Being a Racist/Hunting,” in which Forrest tries and fails to convince his then-wife to make a sex tape. Dedicated nonetheless, he gets his hands on a lifelike sex doll and goes to work. After Actor Daly performed the scene, Producer Daly had to edit it, so he took his laptop to a not-so-discreet location:

“The weirdest thing that happened with that segment is, because I’m also a producer on the show and I’m involved through the editing, I was watching a cut of it at a coffee shop. I’m sitting in a coffee shop and I’m watching a cut of it on my laptop. Of this segment where I’m having sex with this rubber doll. I’m just sitting there taking notes and observing the cut. After a half hour of this, I turn around and realize there’s a whole bunch of people who can see my screen.”

Of course the cut wasn’t final, and none of the otherwise mandatory blurs or pixelations were in place quite yet. So anyone sitting behind Daly in that particular coffee shop on that particular day probably saw one of the most surreal things they’d ever witnessed. “It’s just them watching a man watching himself have sex with a rubber doll and taking notes,” he added.

Seeing as how this is Review‘s final season, and Daly has already plotted out, filmed and edited what will and will not be shown, I know it’s too late to make any suggestions. Should Review come back for any reason, however, I’m convinced Forrest should review this very scenario.