Andy Samberg Shares Some Of His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

The Golden Globes are always a little loopy, but this year’s ceremony was particularly off. There was some good stuff, like The Americans, one of the greatest dramas of the 2010s, winning Best Drama Series, and The Favourite star Olivia Colman’s speech, but the positives were outnumbered by the “WTF” choices, like Green Book being named Best Musical or Comedy, which seems especially unfortunate considering what we now know about the film’s director and writer. At least hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh kept things light with a must-watch monologue, and scattered amusing bits throughout the evening.

There were also a lot of jokes that got cut because “there’s so little time, and you’ve got to chose wisely,” the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He then read some of the rejected jokes, including, “Around 1,300 people attended the Golden Globes this year… and only one will leave,” “Crazy Rich Asians is up for two awards, and Crazy Rich White People are up for the remaining 200,” and “Roma is such an emotional experience, when it was over, I literally sat there and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus.”

Also, there was a “cuck” joke. Sandra was supposed to say that one.