Marvel Chooses A Beloved ’90s Sitcom Star To Voice Star-Lord In Its Animated ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Series

The big brother from Boy Meets World can add another Marvel title to his long list of voiceover credits — Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews on the TGIF show, will be providing the voice of Star-Lord in the animated Guardians of the Galaxy series on Disney XD’s Marvel Universe block coming out later this year. Friedle announced the news himself in the video above. While he recently reprised his old role on Girl Meets World, he’s actually been keeping busy with a lot of voiceover work. Among his roles are Batman in Batman Beyond, Bumblebee in several Transformers series, Green Arrow, Lion-O on the new Thundercats, Ron Stoppable on Kim Possible, and his only other Marvel character, Deadpool.

Other voices in the Guardians of the Galaxy series so far include Trevor Devall as Rocket Raccoon and another ubiquitous voiceover actor Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot. So I guess this means that Friedle will have to change his name from “Plays With Squirrels” to “Plays With Raccoons.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter