Another Night, Another Terribly Hilarious ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer

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04.28.14 24 Comments
Wheel of Fortune puzzle

Wheel of Fortune

For every incredible Wheel of Fortune finish that has a guy pulling the answer to a ridiculously impossible puzzle out of his ass, we also have a “mythological hero Achilles” mispronunciation that makes us all double over in our seats as we cringe. Unfortunately for Rachel, she falls in the same camp as the latter, as she offered up a very unfortunate answer to a puzzle on tonight’s edition of the Wheel. While it certainly wasn’t as facepalm-inducing as that Achilles mistake that cost poor Julian a new car, trip to Jamaica and maybe even a million dollars, Rachel’s “Boozing my offshore excursion” response will still probably have plenty of people wondering what the hell she was thinking while solving this one.

(H/T to Guyism)

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