The Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Another Period’ Teases A Ton Of Historical Figures And Guest Stars

In news that surprised absolutely no one, Comedy Central announced last summer that its surprisingly historically accurate yet off-the-wall showAnother Period would be getting a second season. Despite every single heinous act Beatrice Downsy (Riki Lindhome) and Lillian Schmemmerhorn-Fish (Natasha Leggero) commit, the insanely wealthy and affluent Bellacourt family of Rhode Island would press on for another ten episodes. To prove the point, the channel just dropped its first trailer for the new season, which is rife with the principal cast, returning regulars like Michael Ian Black and Christina Hendricks, and several highly recognizable guest stars filling in for some rather famous figures from history.

As David Koechner’s Commodore Bellacourt notes at the very beginning, Beatrice and Lillian must cut their sh*t out and start “dating rich, eligible bachelors” in order to save the family from further misfortune. The two are, of course, more than happy to oblige. Then the trailer goes to 11 with appearances by Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, President Theodore Roosevelt and — yes, it’s true — Perez Hilton as a period photographer. And if that’s an image you want to get out of your head immediately, then good luck because this is a trailer for more terrible (but great) things to come.