Did Anya Taylor-Joy Accidentally Suggest That We’ll See More Of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’?

The Queen’s Gambit was an addictive, Emmy-winning chess drama that wrapped up nicely after seven episodes. But ever since the limited series turned into an unexpected hit that even chess dummies could enjoy, there’s been talk of a second season.

Talk, and now tweets.


“The Queen’s Gambit 2,” star Anya Taylor-Joy wrote on Monday, her first tweet since October 2020. It was quickly deleted but not before it was screenshotted and speculation spread. Is another season of The Queen’s Gambit on the horizon? What about Laughter in the Dark? Isn’t Anya too busy? And most importantly, will Benny be back?

The Queen’s Gambit co-creator Scott Frank previously addressed the possibility — or lack thereof — of a second season of the show. “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I worry — let me put it differently — I’m terrified that if we try to tell more, we would ruin what we’ve already told,” he told Deadline.

Executive producer William Horberg added, “We felt that the series had a satisfying endpoint and we’d allow the audience to fill in the space as to what happens next for Beth Harmon. Nothing has changed, despite fans demanding more on my Twitter feed. Scott and I feel really happy about the completeness of Beth’s story.”

Maybe Taylor-Joy meant to say that Helen Mirren, who once played Queen Elizabeth II, is directing a Gambit movie. That’s probably it.