Stephen Colbert Says ‘Apparently Kid’ Is The Future Of News, Already Better Than Sean Hannity

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08.07.14 7 Comments

The second we caught a glimpse of “Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter, we knew that the hilarious little guy was destined for fame. But internet greatness, like so many web sensations have learned in the past, only lasts so long. It would only be a matter of time, we assumed, before Noah would learn the cruel ways of the internet fame train — that she departs as quickly as she arrives.

Stephen Colbert doesn’t see it that way. He sees something more than fleeting web glory in young Noah: he sees a natural born newsman. And on last night’s Colbert Report, he made the case that Noah is the future of TV news.

Whatever the future holds for young Noah, he gave Colbert a perfect segue to launch some tremendous Comcast and Sean Hannity zingers, and for that we’ll be forever grateful.

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