‘Archer’ Tips For When You Need To Be As Cool As Burt Reynolds

Features Writer

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) might seem like the ultimate symbol of cool — he’s a spy/drug dealer/private detective who gets to travel the world, drive fast cars, and seduce beautiful women — there is another man that he measures himself against: Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds. As a lifelong superfan, Archer constantly works in references to Burt Reynolds’ movies, and both dresses the part and acts them out whenever possible.

While Archer’s undying love for Burt Reynolds stems partly from his lack of a father figure growing up, he even credits the actor for inspiring his career as a highly-trained super-spy. And why wouldn’t he? Burt Reynolds was (and is) the high water mark for rugged and effortlessly cool style and beyond that, he’s timeless. For those of you wanting to look beyond Archer for the ultimate measure of cool, here’s your Archer guide to being Burt Reynolds cool.

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