Looking Back On The CIA Missions That Led To ‘Archer’ Going All ‘Magnum P.I.’

The big excitement over Archer‘s season 7 premiere centers on the gang shifting from espionage to private investigating and how that’s going to work. But maybe you forgot about all those failed CIA missions that got us here, so we thought it would be a good time to look back on those previous missions.

Things actually started off okay. Archer collected a supercomputer and blew up a plane…

… AND got that disc from Conway Stern.

Then, they let that assassin kill all those ambassadors.

And Archer ended up shooting Slater’s men and chasing them all through San Francisco

… though that was more on Ethan.

Then there was that time Lana kicked a Welsh separatist and an MI5 agent.

The biggest screw up was probably when the gang collectively failed at getting prints from the Durhani Royal Family.

While not a mission, Archer running though Area 51 with Slater’s FBI credentials probably didn’t help any.

Which led us to the miniaturized brain surgery mission,.
…and, uh, didn’t end particularly great either.

That catches us up to the present, where we have a whole season of P.I. foibles to go through. One that presumably includes a cyborg fully recovered from sepsis.