‘Archer’ Created A Website For Krieger That Only The Most Diehard Fans Could Find

Daniel Craig’s new Archer-inspired tactleneck was thrown before our eyes with little subtlety earlier this week, but what about Krieger’s website? That’s right, the Hitler-clone-extraordinaire has a not so subtle website that’s been hidden in plain sight since this season’s second episode. Sort of.

A Reddit user discovered it after an intense bout of detective work capable of embarrassing the “investigations” informing Serial and The JinxAV Club discovered the ongoing Reddit threads (there’s three so far) and the accompanying Imgur gallery detailing the search.

It’s a really, really complicated affair that involves everything from hexadecimal codes and spectrograms, to a Craigslist ad and Krieger’s own Reddit comments. I’m not even going to pretend to try and understand what’s going on in any of this.

Instead, I’m just going to start a slow clap for whoever at the show’s production thought this would be a good idea. Why? Because this person knows Archer‘s audience very well. Maybe too well.

(Imgur, Reddit via AV Club)