Sterling Archer Is Sporting One Devilishly Fine Tickler For Week 4 Of Movember

Based on the look of last week’s mustache, we were starting to get a little worried that Sterling Archer would close out Movember with a full-on Yosemite Sam. Fortunately, for Week 4 of the world’s greatest gentleman spy’s men’s health awareness campaign, the star of FX’s Archer has cleaned up his act and trimmed down to a mustache so smooth that it would make Don Juan consider switching teams. I’m not sure what the name of this sweet ‘stache might be, but we should just go ahead and change it to “The Sterling” from this day forward.

There may only be a few days left in Movember, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop supporting and promoting Archer’s cause. As of today, the super spy comes in at No. 1,933 in The Movember Foundation’s official rankings, and that’s just shocking, shameful, and one more sh-word that I can’t use this early in the day. So keep lending your support for Archer’s cause, especially by purchasing the awesome official Archer Movember t-shirt, because it’s better than any other t-shirt you own. Even Pam Poovey loves it, am I right, Pam?

Also, because you’re probably curious about what it would look like, here’s Archer with a Yosemite Sam mustache…