The Women Of ‘Archer’ Posed For Sports Illustrated In Their Swimsuits

Archer may not be doing phrasing anymore, but it’s still really good at pleasuring fans. Before season five, FX’s animated spy spoof advertised itself with fake entires on Reddit Gone Wild. A year later, Pam’s phone was hacked, and her most intimate moments were leaked online. How will Archer top itself for its Magnum, P.I.-spoofing seventh season, which premieres March 31?

By (like every 1980s sitcom before it) heading to the beach.

The women of Archer, Pam, Lana, and Cheryl (sorry, Malory), posed for Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue, with photos taken by Sterling Archer, naturally. Pam’s in the actual print magazine, while Lana and Cheryl are online only — SwimDaily’s Andy Gray wrote that while he hopes Pam can return in 2017, “perhaps Lana and Cheryl will also find their way into the issue.”

The beach setting is actually a teaser for the upcoming season.

The swimsuit images also serve to tee up the new location for Archer’s seventh season: Los Angeles, where the former New York-based international spies are now working as private investigators. “There are some hints there that the show is moving to L.A.,” [said Lance Reiss, svp of marketing for FX]. (Via AdWeek)

Look out, Entourage d-bags: Here comes Pam. Oh yeah.

(Via Sports Illustrated and AdWeek)

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