The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer Vice’: Cocaine Casts, Fondue Sets, And ‘A Kiss While Dying’

We are officially in the world of Archer Vice, people. And there’s no turning back (at least this season). “Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying” jumped off from the dramatic pivot that was the Archer season five premiere, introducing us to a new non-ISIS headquarters, the world of semi-clueless drug cartel-ing, some old friends, and even a new title sequence. It feels different but the same, which is a statement that lacks hyperbole but is actually quite the compliment.

Rounding the “Honeypot” gang back up made for a nice transition. Ramon (Ramon!) Limon is always a welcome sight, made even more delightful when you remember it’s Ron Perlman’s voice work. I could listen to him argue with Tom Lennon over fondue sets for the entirety of an episode.

Let’s get to some of the best lines, moments, and references, followed by what we learned in our first official installment of Archer Vice. If you haven’t pre-ordered our Krieger-themed Atomic BBQ, you have twenty-four hours. Do it now or forever regret everything.

  • “I just thought it was because I banged the landlord’s life when she dropped off the key.”
  • I feel like we’re supposed glean something from Lana’s “Mother Magazine” cover and Sky Air vacation ad on the back. The blonde mom could have passed for a number of blonde guest stars over the years. My money is the Stewardess who was in to Greek.
  • “Besides 90% of all mosquitos and Cubans on earth?” — That does sound high.
  • Pam + forklift + tons of blow. Now that’s just good comedy animating.
  • Please tell me Woodhouse didn’t have to eat all the spiderwebs that had accumulated in the Tunt’s ancient pool.
  • “This smells like a kennel, but for dogs that are poor.”
  • I haven’t watched Scarface in several years, and my hip hop street cred is an all-time low, but that seemed like a pretty solid homage.
  • Palabra.
  • Seriously, though. The fondue side convo during the drug deal was f*cking brilliant.
  • “You’d be amazed what you people do when you think no one is watching… Cyril.” — Classic Krieger.
  • Pam’s cocaine drum solo callback GIF below. Chet says you’re welcome.
  • I’m seriously going to buy that Cherlene album.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: “Casa de Addams Family,” Three Musketeers, The A-Team meets Scarface, Pop n’ Fresh costume (and taint sweaty), Monopoly.

Moral of the episode: Everyone sucks at drug-dealing. Even the winners aren’t good at it. “Like 50 times I’ve tried to explain this.” This is going to be fun. And I know have a feeling coked up Pam is just getting started.

Chet’s GIFs from last night here and three more on the next page because ARCHER GIFS. See you guys next week when Matt Thompson drops by to answer some of our questions.