Ariana Grande And Her Mermaid Sisters Are A Package Deal In This Nasty ‘SNL’ Sketch

When it comes to tales of the sea and myths of days gone by, the romance of a mermaid likely tops the list. Many a sailor has succumbed to the fictional enchantments of the ocean over the years, lending to spoofs like this sketch from SNL. The premise is simple, three sailors are rescued by a trio of mermaid sisters and romance is instantaneous. All that is needed to seal the deal is a kiss on the lips.

Ariana Grande and Cecily Strong play the attractive fish women, but the third is a very nasty blobfish mermaid played perfectly by Kate McKinnon. It’s a lot like those Maharelle Sisters sketches with Kristen Wiig except McKinnon always seems to crank up the silliness a bit more than Wiig would. Also the idea that there would be a blobfish mermaid is funny in general because it means that some merman had mer-sex with a blobfish at some point to spawn the blobmaid.

Poor Beck Bennett is the one who gets stuck with her and ends up being forced by his shipmates to romance the blob woman because they’re indeed a package deal. You gotta take that bullet, even if it means you might get your testicles melted off by a blob creature.

(Via SNL)