‘Arrow’ And ‘The Flash’ Get The ‘Robot Chicken’ Treatment

The CW is ripe for a ripping on Robot Chicken, especially since half its cast has probably done time on said network. So they send the nerd on an odyssey through the teen-focused network… especially its DC properties.

OK, fine, so they also tackle the inexplicably still-around Beauty and the Beast remake and beloved soap Jane The Virgin. But it’s really the bits with the DC shows where it shines, with the Nerd figuring out which season of Arrow this is being a particular favorite. Man, even Ollie’s action figure is busting his chops over his flip on murder in the second season. They even got a special guest star for the bit, although we won’t ruin who that is.

Our main question will be when Robot Chicken devotes a full episode to the CW’s DC-heavy slate. After all, if they can get three specials out of the Super Friends, Ollie, Barry, and their respective quirky ensembles are game. Maybe they’ll finally explain how Cisco can violate the laws of physics whenever he feels like it, but can’t connect a $50 camera to his workstation for security purposes. Or just where the hell Nanda Parbat is, anyway.

(Via Comics Alliance)