‘Army Of Darkness’ Lore Will Creep Its Way Into The New Season Of ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’

Cult favorite film Army of Darkness helped to inspire a generation of goofy, uber-cool horror films with its cultural impact still felt to this day, in part thanks to the television series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Up until now, though, the series has mostly foused on following the events of the first two Evil Dead films, skirting around the crazy, time-travelling, medieval zombie adventure that Ash went on that involved a chainsaw hand, boomsticks and helped to make Bruce Campbell a household name.

But now it seems that will all change, as iO9 is reporting that the second season will absolutely be talking about Ash’s adventures in Army of Darkness, says producer Rob Tapert.

“This season, we do bring up Ash’s events in Army of Darkness, and reference it. It was more that there wasn’t a place for it in our storytelling that we needed to talk about that. If he started blabbing to these shop clerks about, ‘Yeah, I went back to the Middle Ages and did all these things,’ [it would just be exposition]. But that is in his memory bank, and he’s going to pull it out at the appropriate time.”

So never fear, S-Mart fans, the upcoming season of Ash vs. Evil Dead will be filling in these blanks and hey, it might even lead to a fourth film in the series. It seems that this cult favorite franchise is not going to be going anywhere any time soon.

(Via iO9)