Attention: It Is Called ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ Not ‘Law & Order: SUV’

11.08.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

You people are disappointing Ice-T

Special Victims Unit, or SVU, is the title of a popular Law & Order spin-off that premiered in 1999. The show focuses on investigations by a segment of New York’s police force that deals with sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and stalking, among many others. Until recently it starred Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay as Detectives Eliot Stabler and Olivia Benson, although Meloni left the show after its thirteenth season and has been replaced by actor Danny Pino. Additional members of the cast include rapper Ice-T and comedian Richard Belzer, who provide assistance in tracking down whichever pervert or creep happens to be on the loose at the time. The show is currently in its 14th season, and is very popular in syndication on cable networks like USA.

A sport utility vehicle, commonly referred to as an SUV, is a means of personal transportation described by Wikipedia as “a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability.” Popular examples of SUVs include the Ford Explorer, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Cadillac Escalade. In appearance and functionality, SUVs resemble a cross between a truck and a multi-seat family vehicle like a minivan. While they were once incredibly popular (see, rap videos), their appeal has been dwindling over the past few years as concerns about their effect on the environment and the rising cost of gas has led many customers to move toward smaller, hybrid-style vehicles.
Despite these very clear differences, many people still confuse the two, typically referring to the former as the latter. To illustrate this point, I searched Twitter for some examples and have posted them on the following pages. I have also added some brief commentary under each in an attempt to clear up any confusion. I hope this helps.
No it is not, because Law & Order: SUV is not a show.
Perhaps Elizabeth is confused because there is no such show.
What’s your life, indeed, guy from Foster the People? Also, the show is called Law & Order: SVU.
Duly noted. Although Stabler was never on Law & Order: SUV, because Law & Order: SUV is not the title of a show.
No comment.
The show is actually called Law & Order: SVU, which you may have noticed at the beginning of each episode of the marathon you watched all day.
No you have not. Law & Order: SUV is not a show.
You may want to alter your plans. A marathon of Law & Order: SUV would just be hours and hours of a black screen. Because it is not a show.
p.s. Good luck with the piñata.
You may be right, but there is no way for me to tell because they are characters on a show that does not exist. Also, this non-existent show appears to be violating Law & Order: SVU’s copyright.
There is no season 14 of Law & Order: SUV, because that would imply that there were 13 prior seasons of Law & Order: SUV. Which there were not. Because it is not a show.
I am not going to correct this woman because I am a little terrified of her.
I think you mean Law & Order: SVU.
I do think that is weird/insensitive. Also, the show is called Law & Order: SVU.
I beg to differ, because (a) that is not the title of a show that is currently airing on television, and (b) Breaking Bad is pretty good..
A fair point. May I suggest you #changesuv to SVU? It may address your concerns.
You may have trouble finding it on Netflix, because it does not exist. Try searching for Law & Order: SVU.
Actually, SUV is nothing either way. It is not a thing.
Hey, nice joke!
p.s. I think you mean SVU.
No it is not, because… well, for a couple reasons.
That awkward moment when you confuse a TV show with a motor vehicle.
Whoa. I mean… wow. You’ve really given me something to think about. Oh, and Law & Order: SUV is not a show.
I think you mean SVU, because an SUV is a car.
This one gets a pass for being more correct than incorrect as a whole.
smh, indeed.

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