CBS Is Looking For A ‘MALE FRAT BRO’ With ‘Keg Stand Experience’ To Appear In A New Show

(Ineligible participant via Getty)

Perhaps you remember a few months ago when we discussed CBS’s new legal show Reckless, which will star Cam Gigandet as a hilariously focus-grouped Charleston city attorney who is “a liberal Renaissance man” that “surfs, loves skateboarding and hip-hop but also fishes, hunts and collects guns,” and whose wife left him with their two children after running off with a Florida developer. It sounds awful. It is already my favorite show.

And somehow, against almost impossible odds, it just got even better, thanks to this casting call on the CBS Reckless Extras Facebook page:

Charleston, SC- Looking for MALE FRAT BRO to do a KEG STAND. Must have Keg stand experience (water or non-alcoholic drink will be used) All ethnicities between the ages of 18-25. Guys with six-packs, YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH NO SHIRT ON. This will shoot Thursday evening and well into the night to the early AM. Pay is guaranteed $58 for 8 hours and time and a half after 8 hours. To be considered please have an up to date profile on and email us at SUBJECT: KEG STAND

“Bros. BROS. Tell Fat Chad we’re borrowing his car tonight. We are DOING this. … What? Do I have enough keg stand experience? Bro. You don’t even know. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Ninety seconds in Negril, son. Club owner said it was a record. Passed out later that night butt-naked on a jet ski. Yeah, I’ve got this gig locked down, bro. And tell Asian Dave I’ll knock him out if he shows up this audition. Swear TO GOD. He knows what he did. Now back up so I can rip out 100 crunches to shred up my abs. HOLLYWOOD HERE WE COME.”

(Via WCSC)