Aubrey Plaza’s Birthday Is A Depressing Experience, Even With Her ‘Parks And Rec’ Reunion

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06.28.16 2 Comments

You might’ve thought Aubrey Plaza was just playing a role when it came to April Ludgate on Parks And Recreation. Not so according to this interview on Conan. Despite her Parks And Recreation reunion, cupcakes, and a fun rendition of “Happy Birthday”, Plaza still did not enjoy her birthday.

Then during this interview with Conan, it dives into areas where the birthday isn’t really a celebration at all. Instead, it’s a look at the things we have lost, the acts we won’t get to play out, and the slow march to our ends. Sounds like a grand time.

She’s certainly not off base or wrong. Birthdays do in fact suck for the most part and aren’t exactly anything special. They’re an excuse to eat cake and not much else. That said, you can still try to enjoy a day that people seem to want to spend as a celebration of life. Give a smile that people care enough to show and all that, while saving the death thoughts for late at night. That’s where those things belong anyway.

I do enjoy just how off the entire audience seems by this discussion. And Conan’s entire line of questioning made me think he had some sort of surprise in store. None of that happened and the audience likely left with a very big need to squeegee their third eye.

(Via Conan)

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