Aubrey Plaza, Who Knows Nothing About Food, Gives Interview To Food Magazine. Again.

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Who knows why certain celebrities give interviews to magazines about topics of which they know very little. My guess, in this instance, is that Aubrey Plaza’s publicist was like, “Hey! You need some publicity, and Bon Appetit is offering it. Would you interview with them?” I’m sure her response was a very sour, “Sure. Whatever.” And then she stared lovingly into Andy Dwyer’s eyes.

Anyway, the interview went as you might expect an interview to go with a woman who is pictured eating a bowl of cereal. She admits to a love of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap’n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and Spaghetti-Os. In other words, she reveals why she is the perfect woman. But for whatever reason, the sameness of Plaza’s brand of quirky, sour indifference seems to rub some people the wrong way. Like Vince over at FilmDrunk, whose irrational hatred of Plaza is his only known weakness. Or, say, Ritch Duncan, over on Dumb As a Blog, who vivisects the interview because he’s missing a chunk of his soul.

Bon Appetit: You’re half Puerto Rican. Did you grow up cooking traditional food?

Aubrey Plaza: It’d be a lie to say I “grew up cooking.” But I was around a lot of food. My grandmother has been trying to teach me the basics–sofrito and rice and beans.

My take on that quote: Plaza is trying to find something with which we can relate to a food magazine. Rich Duncan’s take:

RD: I’m sorry, you’ve “been around food?” You’ve seen it before, right? You know what food is? OK, we’re setting the bar there? That’s a pretty low bar.

Then, later:

BA: You grew up in Delaware and moved to New York for college. What food did you discover in NYC?

AP: Katz’s Deli was a big thing for me. I grew up in a suburban Irish Catholic community. There wasn’t a lot of pastrami. Or latkes. Or matzo balls. I mostly ate SpaghettiOs with chopped-up hot dogs in it.

Duncan’s response:

Rich Duncan: So, you went to one of the best food cities in the world, dug deep, and found.. one of the most popular delis for tourists in New York. I guess we’re not getting the Spaghetti-Os recipe?

OK. This response is fair. You don’t name-check a tourist-y destination if you want any food credibility, but come on? She’s from Delaware. She eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Next question:

BA: And now you’re a big-shot actress. You’re in a new movie that co-stars Bill Murray, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. Did you guys share any meals together?

AP: Yes, one dinner. It was one of the most special meals I’ve ever had.

BA: What’d you eat?

AP: It was Greek–some kind of fried cheese thing. I don’t really do dairy, and he said, “You’re gonna eat this. And you’re gonna eat it right now.” I was like, “Anything you say.” Because anything Bill Murray says, I will do. He’s the king.

OK. This is where Rich Duncan lands his hardest blow.

RD: You know milk is dairy, don’t you? You JUST TOLD US that all you eat is breakfast cereal. There’s literally a picture of you with milk running down your chin accompanying this article. Do you know anything at all?

LEAVE AUBREY ALONE. I will not have you disparaging Aubrey Plaza and her food ignorance, even if all your points are sound, damnit.

But here’s the unfortunate kicker, and the reason Rich Duncan is so rightfully outraged: Bon Appetit did not go into this interview blind. They knew she didn’t no sh*t about food, and chose to run this piece anyway. They interviewed her LAST YEAR where she ALSO prattled on about apples and almond butter. Also, Yoga. GOD. Way to ruin your reputation as the world’s best girlfriend, Aubrey.

Whatever, Rich Duncan. WHATEVER.

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(Interview: Bon Appetit)

(Image Source: Emily Shur, Bon Appetit)

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