Australian TV is Awesome

Australian “TODAY” host Karl Stefanovic is a genius of awkward television. You may remember his masturbational Wii curling during the Vancouver Olympics; more recently, he made headlines by telling the Dalai Lama a well-worn joke that didn’t register with the religious leader.

But the video below may take the cake: last week, shark expert Paul Burt gave an on-site report about a shark rumored to be terrorizing a popular tourist lake. While Stefanovic does his best to make the report awkward, things don’t really get going until the two-minute mark, when Burt casts a fishing line — ostensibly to catch the shark — and instead hooks a duck. Wide-eyed reaction shots follow, Burt frees the duck, and Stefanovic dismisses the whole incident with, “The whole thing was bull shark” — followed by a triumphant fist-pump at the pun (pictured). Nailed it, dude.

[Asylum via BuzzFeed]