Aziz Ansari Asks The People Of Reddit: Have You Ever Had An Open Relationship?

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08.06.14 7 Comments

Aziz Ansari put a call out on Twitter to a Reddit thread he started earlier today, asking people about their experience with open relationships. If you’re wondering why he was asking — no, it wasn’t for personal advice or just overall curiosity as to the sexual habits of the people of Reddit (although maybe a little bit?) — it’s actually because he’s looking for material for a new book he’s supposedly writing about modern love. If he’s already working with the Reddit cream of the crop, then I can’t wait to read his book.

Of course there were tons of responses because, if nothing else, people love talking about their sex lives in a completely anonymous forum. If I could summarize most of the answers to succinctly answer Aziz’s questions: It only works out if both partners are into the idea, and the rules are to be honest, open, and communicative without giving too much detail and to ALWAYS WEAR A RUBBER. Here’s a few screenshots of the more “colorful” answers, starting with this probably pretty common scenario:

Threesomes are like Halo? OKAY!

I have no idea of any of what this woman is talking about:

Oh nothing, honey, Aziz Ansari just has some Q’s about our sex life:

This guy’s situation sounds like a diamond-farting unicorn:

And this dude was clearly getting hosed:

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