Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, You Can’t Lose Reading Aziz Ansari’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ Super Bowl

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02.03.14 3 Comments

coach taylor

Back in 2008, Aziz Ansari began publishing Friday Night Lights fan fiction. “The Chronicles of Smash” starts, “Its Monday morning and Brian “Smash” Williams is getting ready to go to school. There is a knock at the door. Smash’s mom opens the door.” WHO’S AT THE DOOR? IS IT VOODOO TATUM? You’ll have to go to his blog to find out. Once you’re done learning about the sexual exploits of Smash and Buddy Garrity, Jr. (I’m guessing; I haven’t read the whole thing yet), come back here and pick up the story, six years later.

aziz fnl

It’s the Friday Night Lights Super Bowl. DOWN WITH J.C MCCOY UP WITH MATT SARACEN.

aziz fnl 2

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I’m confused: if it’s Panthers versus Lions, which team is Coach Taylor, well, coaching? I assume the Lions, but Smash is still around, and he was gone by the time Coach was replaced by Wade Aikman. C’mon, Aziz, I expect better from my comical live tweets of fictional football games from a now-cancelled drama series.

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