Bad News, Eskimo Bros: ‘The League’ Will Only Have One More Season

The general reaction to the recent sixth season of The League, which ended with back-to-back episodes on November 19, seemed to be confusion. Sure, fans of the series probably laughed their asses off at the disgusting and disturbing antics of the world’s most sociopathic 8-team fantasy football league, but even I watched some of those episodes and thought, “What happened to the fantasy football stuff?” But then, that’s bound to happen to a show based loosely on a gimmick or trend, and the show’s writers and actors were overflowing with ideas and jokes, so it was only a matter of time before something like “When Rafi Met Randy,” a brilliant mess of comedy, made people stare at their TVs in disbelief.

So if you’re one of those people who complained about the lack of football emphasis on the sixth season of The League, you better get used to the idea of balls to the wall insanity for the show’s seventh season, because it’s going to be The League’s last.

As with any beloved series, the news of a final season sucks to hear, but it’s hard not to view this announcement as good news. Basically, we’re going to be in for the filthiest Rafi moments yet, and I’d bet money that Andre’s outfits are going to shatter the ceiling of bad bro taste. There’s a silver lining in everything, and in this case it’s the overwhelming possibility of us vomiting from laughter.