This French Onion Dip Recipe Inspired By Barb Is The Strangest Thing Of All

10.18.16 2 years ago

The breakout star on the year’s biggest breakout show, Stranger Things, isn’t Eleven, or Dustin, or Mr. Clarke. It’s Barb, Nancy’s prudish best friend who — SPOILER ALERT — gets pulled into the Upside Down. Her fate is sealed a few episodes later, when Eleven finds her bubbling corpse. No one on the show paid much attention to Barb’s disappearance, but she became a fan favorite character in the real world, despite only saying a few lines; she even inspired a hashtag, #JusticeForBarb, which is how people show they care in 2016.

Besides, it’s not like Eleven ever inspired a French onion dip recipe.

Netflix just uploaded a video showing how to make “French Onion Barb,” which is weird enough, but it gets downright, well, strange when you realize the Barb-dough looks like her dead body. There are even pool handles! It’d be one thing if this recipe came from a fan or maybe a “cool” chef who knows what the fellow kids are up to, but nope, it’s part of the “Netflix Kitchen” series. Which I guess means Barb becoming French onion dip is canon now? I shudder to think what food poor Benny was turned into.

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