Be Afraid: ‘Real Housewives of Boston’ Set to Become a Wicked Reality

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02.06.12 18 Comments

I used to work in Southie. I spent a lot of time in the area, and even hung out a couple of times at the Good Will Hunting bar (which is much smaller than it looks in the movie). At 3 a.m., there’s not a more terrifying neighborhood in New England. The only thing I can say about South Boston is that all the stereotypes are 100 percent true. They are their own parody video, and yet if you make fun of a Southie kid to his face, he will f**king break you.

As haunting as the idea of a real-life “Real Housewives of South Boston” reality show is, it’s als owicked pissah because, unlike the Bravo “Housewives” installments, in the South Boston version, the drugs will be wicked hard, the violence will be felonious, and the entire show will have to be subtitled.

TLC, which is now casting “Southie Pride,” is going to need a lot of insurance coverage.

As one of the nation’s most historic neighborhoods, South Boston is known for hard-working residents who display an outrageous passion for life, family, and town. Now, TLC takes viewers into this the tight-knit community in the new TLC series SOUTHIE PRIDE (wt), going inside the homes of five South Boston women as they struggle to make a life for their families and protect the people they love the most.

“Spend some time with the women of South Boston and you quickly learn that pride runs deep, family comes first, and that their friendships and rivalries are forever,” said SallyAnn Salsano, President of 495 Productions. “And, their accents are wicked awesome.”

Good luck with that, TLC. I put 3-1 odds on “Southie Pride” containing reality television’s first real-life double homicide.

This parody video of the “Real Housewives of South Boston” from a few months ago will end up being like the Disney version.

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