Bella Ramsey Didn’t Have The Greatest Time Filming The Cannibal Episode Of ‘The Last Of Us’

For Bella Ramsey, the scariest part of Sunday’s episode of The Last of Us wasn’t the cannibals. It was the weather.

“When We Are in Need” was filmed in Canada… in winter… with sub-freezing temperatures. No wonder Ellie got out her aggression on David. “Yep, that was February in Canada. It was very, very cold,” Ramsey told GQ UK. “That scene where I meet David and James, Troy Baker’s character, in the forest, that was the coldest day that we shot. It was -17°C.” That’s 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ramsey said her voice changed during the scene because of the extreme cold. “Hearing it back — I’ve just heard the ADR, I haven’t actually seen the episode yet — it’s so hard to speak normally when it’s that cold, like your mouth just doesn’t work. And I was holding the real gun, because the rubber one didn’t look real enough, or they didn’t have it, or something,” she explained.

It didn’t help that Ali Abbasi, who directed the episode, is a fan of long-takes, “like, eight-minute long takes,” Ramsey continued, “holding this super heavy gun in the freezing cold, it was… everything you see is very real.”

If only the Fireflies were based in warm Aruba. But nooo, they had to be in the chilliest part of North America.

(Via GQ UK)