Ben Stiller Promotes Female Viagra In This Strange Cut Super Bowl Commercial

Ben Stiller will be back in theaters this week thanks to Zoolander 2, but you likely should’ve seen him a little earlier if the powers that be would’ve run this Super Bowl ad on television. I mean, they let Puppy Baby Monkey on the air, so why not America’s comedic treasure Ben Stiller? Luckily he’s on The Tonight Show on Monday and he got a chance to show his commercial to the masses.

The basic idea here is Female Viagra, something to get your lady in the mood when she’s at the age that she’s likely repulsed by her tumor of a husband and his desires to still have sex. The side effects for Female Viagra don’t seem too bad and aren’t much different than the side effects you’d get with a bottle of cheap whiskey. And it seems that it is a benefit for ladies as opposed to some sort of Cliff Huxtable medicine.

The one thing we don’t need is Jimmy Fallon’s fake enthusiasm for this ad. Of course people would’ve loved this commercial, Jimmy. It’s essentially gold on film. The only way this commercial could be better is if they got someone of a more proper age to shoot it. Maybe skip Ben Stiller and get beloved Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson. Or maybe Bruce Dern. Guys who you might need Female Viagra to handle.

(Via The Tonight Show)