Best Cat & Dog Party Ever (Links)

01.18.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Meme Watch: Dog Fort. Robopanda catches you up on the best of Lobster Dog’s alter ego. Also, I feel inclined to mention that I was the original creator of the Lobster Dog as Time Person of the Year Photoshop. Who else would have made it? [UPROXX]

What did Christian Bale say to Robert DeNiro? I dunno, probably something about how great January Jones’s tits look. Remember when people said her boobs were Photoshopped on the cover of GQ? I hope they die of cancer. (p.s. Jones is single again, fellas.) [FilmDrunk]

HUZZAH! Brett Favre is really retiring this time. Seriously. [With Leather]

Thanks, Ron Howard. “The Dark Tower” TV series will have all the plodding character development while the movies get the kick-ass action. [Gamma Squad]

NAWT YOU! Mark Wahlberg gives us a run-down of who won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Stick with me for the rest of these links, because they’re here to  get you caught up on everything that’s been going on since Friday. (Cat/dog birthday party via.)

Break out the 20-sided die. “Community” is planning a Dungeons & Dragons episode. [Inside TV]

Why is ‘The Game’ so successful on BET after failing on the CW? Hint: black people watch BET. [NY Times]

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to TV. She’s been cast in the CBS pilot of “Ringer,” in which she plays a woman who poses as her wealthy twin sister to evade the mob. The catch: her wealthy twin sister is also wanted by the mob. Holy mother of God, this sounds terrible. [A.V. Club]

Failed magic tricks are the best magic tricks. Watch this guy impale his hand on a spike. [The Daily What]

Paz de la Huerta got drunk and her boob fell out. After the Golden Globes, de la Huerta did a convincing portrayal of Lucy Danziger. I love that woman. [TMZ]

We are in a golden age… of crappy TV. Alasdair Wilkins argues that the success of “Lost” has opened the door for terrible sci-fi shows. [io9]

Liam McIntyre to replace Andy Whitfield in ‘Spartacus’. When asked what they liked best about McIntyre, Starz executives said, “He doesn’t have cancer.” [LA Times]

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