Which Late Night Talk Show Host Had The Best Viral Moment?

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Many people really only know late night shows through their viral segments. (I mean, who has the time to watch all of them live anymore? With commercials? What year is this?) We watch a few videos shared the next day that take off, usually incorporating hot button topics for the internet like mean tweets or Anna Kendrick. But which late night talk show host has had the best viral moment?

Lip sync battles on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon always capture the attention of the internet throughout the years. Emma Stone pretending to sing against Fallon blew up last year, and the seven minute clip has been watched over 67 million times on YouTube. That’s like watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 over 3.3 million times, only without all the nausea. Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets” segments also go viral, because who doesn’t want to see the celebs that we love make fun of themselves with professionally written tweets?

Tom Hanks and James Corden reenacted scenes from Hanks’ movie roles, and the internet loved it. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both grew their beards out, much to the delight of their audiences. Another great viral moment was when Sia recreated her “Chandelier” video on Ellen.

What’s been your favorite viral moment?

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