Rafi’s Best Lines From This Week’s Episode Of FXX’s ‘The League’

“Automatic Faucet,” this week’s episode of The League, had a fun sight gag involving Kevin giving cunilingus to a faucet, it had Pete temporarily giving up fantasy football only to rosterbate over his employees at work, and Andre going in front of a medical review board for botching a toebesity surgery after abandoning the surgery to make a fantasy football trade. It was a great episode, but it had nothing much to do with any of those subplots. It had everything to do with Rafi, visiting from Los Angeles in the year between the time that he and Dirty Randy went to L.A. and the time that Rafi died.

It wasn’t planned, but after I had compiled all the best lines from the episode, I noticed that they all belonged to Rafi, so this week’s Best Lines are entirely Rafi-centric.

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