Incredibly Cool Details You Might Have Missed From This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’

1. The Better Call Saul Insider podcast was taped several weeks ago, but in the meantime, the writer/director of the episode, Thomas Schnauz, got married. However, you can still buy them a present through their registry and check out all the details about their wedding on their wedding page. Alas, there was no Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul cast or crew members in the wedding party.

2. I absolutely love how the guy on the right was credited in the show and on IMDB.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.26.22 AM

Old-school Troma fans will appreciate that the actor also played Toxie in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV.

Fun Fact: In real life, he’s actually a well-educated engineer who is very sweet and very funny.

3. Michael Mando, who plays Nacho — and who we hadn’t seen since Episode 4 — was on the BCS Insider podcast this week, and besides being an incredibly sweet guy, we learned more about the casting process. Namely, when they cast Nacho, they didn’t have a line written for him in the script, so the writer’s assistant just had to write fake scenes (or sides) based on how the writers had described the character. Mando obviously nailed his audition, where the side was about a guy trying to get a USB card. By the way, it was only Mando’s second time ever in Los Angeles.

4. Jonathan Banks — also on the podcast again — said that he’s only gotten one note from Vince Gilligan in the last three years. From the podcast:

“I’m in my [toll] booth, and Vince is way out there at video village,” Jonathan Banks said. “And I stick my head way out to see, ‘Well, is that okay?’ Up he comes out from under his Arabian gear, and he takes his sunglasses off, and he yells across the lot, ‘LESS STINKEYE.'”