Walter White And Jesse Pinkman Will Not Appear In The First Season Of ‘Better Call Saul’

During the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, the writing/producing team of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould from Better Call Saul took to the stage to answer some questions regarding their highly buzzed about Breaking Bad prequel. One of the items on the agenda was to address whether Walt and Jesse will appear in the first season. According to Entertainment Weekly, they will not:

“In the spirit of full disclosure, Walt and Jesse will not appear in season 1,” Gould said. “Having said that, everything else is on the table.” Gould noted there’s a large board in the Saul writers’ room listing all the characters from Breaking Bad as potential script fodder.

Gilligan added: “The short answer is: The sky is the limit and any of these characters could conceivably show up in future seasons. But the intention is it will feel proper and organic, because if it feels like a stunt then something has gone terribly wrong in the writers’ room. Jesse will be tricky, because he’s so young [during the Better Call Saul timeline]. To be completely honest, I want to see them all eventually. There’s a constant tension of, ‘Man, this would be fun to do, but would it just be a stunt?’”

While the concept of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman returning to the show sounds appealing, I must agree with Gilligan here. The pressure for the Better Call Saul cast and crew to deliver something great is very high already. Seriously, how much head weight would Aaron Paul need to lose in order to appear younger than he did back when the show began airing in 2008? Aside from these main players, what other Breaking Bad characters will likely show up? My bet’s on Hank Schrader.

(Via: Entertainment Weekly)