Things Got Bloody On The Season Finale Of ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’ On Comedy Central

The season finale of Big Time in Hollywood, FL saw the Dolfes and Del facing the feds for their crimes. They were desperately looking for a way out… and found it in an unexpected place.

It turned out that Cuba survived last week.

And there was only one way for Dolfe Brothers Studios to make it without being charged with anything.

Alan, determined to prove his worth, also left for the set.

The boys managed to get to the set wired up…

… but Alan kinda blew their cover.

And so we had a bloody gunfight.

Delgado took matters into her own hands.

Ban tried to save his brother, to no avail.

Then, the craziest thing happened.

Yay Rico! I swear he could do no wr-

In the end, it was a happy ending for Cuba.

The Dolfe family was reunited.

Del memorialized the dead.

And Darla saw to it that all the evidence against Del, Jack, and Ben was taken care of. It’s too bad she wasn’t aware of Alan’s box.

That seems like something they’ll pick up on next season. But in the meantime, catch the whole season on Comedy Central’s website and on the Comedy Central app.