Bill Hader Always Wears The Same Shirt, Does A Killer Impression Of His Wife

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07.23.13 3 Comments


Bill Hader dropped by Conan last night ostensibly to promote The To-Do List and the many other projects he has his fingers in (like writing full-time for freaking South Park), but instead spent almost his entire visit talking about a Tumblr dedicated to how poor his clothing choices are and doing an impression of his wife that is essentially him doing an impression of his wife doing an impression of Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At a Party.

I’m sure Mrs. Hader was none too pleased, but oh man it is ludicrous and great. I take way too much pleasure in other people haphazardly making fun of their significant others in what is sure to be an act of self-destruction.

Oh yeah, Bill also always wears the same shirt to everything apparently, as evidenced by the image above. No regard for wardrobe or wife retaliation? Bill Hader gets all the respect.

And here’s a quick impression of New York cabbie telling Bill he sucks because of course I’m going to include this.

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