Bill O’Reilly Says The Media Reaction Over Jon Stewart’s Retirement Proves A Liberal Bias

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t understand what the BFD is over Jon Stewart’s retirement announcement. On last night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill made the case that the media’s overwhelming reaction to Jon Stewart’s declaration that he was stepping down from The Daily Show proves a “liberal media bias,” and that if he himself were to announce his retirement (or get hit by a bus — his words), the media outpouring wouldn’t be quite as substantial.

Are those grapes sour enough for you? Well, he went on to explain the reasoning, claiming that: “The difference is that [he’s] a traditional American and Jon Stewart is a liberal American.” Okay, I’m not the historian here like Bill O’Reilly is, but being that modern liberalism traces back to FDR and the New Deal, I’m not sure I quite understand the point he’s making.

At any rate, should Bill O’Reilly get hit by a bus tomorrow, I promise I will pour one out for the guy because no one else will care, apparently.

(Via THR)