Billboards For FX’s ‘The Strain’ Are Being Taken Down Because They’re Creeping People Out

FX is ramping up advertising for their highly anticipated new show The Strain, but some of the advertising is backfiring after folks got a bit too disturbed by FX’s newest billboards. From Variety:

“We are in the process of replacing the key art for ‘The Strain’ on outdoor media in several locations,” a FX spokesman said in a statement.

I guess driving down the road and seeing a worm crawl inside of an eye to make a vampire is too much for some people. Let’s see how Twitter is handling the billboards:

There you have it, folks. These billboards are the new 9/11. That’s either the best publicity for a television show about a vampire pandemic or it’s a nail in the coffin. I guess we’ll find out come July.

(Via Variety/ Entertainment Weekly)