Billboards For FX’s ‘The Strain’ Are Being Taken Down Because They’re Creeping People Out

06.29.14 4 years ago 14 Comments


FX is ramping up advertising for their highly anticipated new show The Strain, but some of the advertising is backfiring after folks got a bit too disturbed by FX’s newest billboards. From Variety:

“We are in the process of replacing the key art for ‘The Strain’ on outdoor media in several locations,” a FX spokesman said in a statement.

I guess driving down the road and seeing a worm crawl inside of an eye to make a vampire is too much for some people. Let’s see how Twitter is handling the billboards:

billboard strain 1


billboard strain 2


billboard strain 3


There you have it, folks. These billboards are the new 9/11. That’s either the best publicity for a television show about a vampire pandemic or it’s a nail in the coffin. I guess we’ll find out come July.

(Via Variety/ Entertainment Weekly)

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