Billy Eichner And Jason Sudeikis Bro Out In The Streets Of New York In This ‘Billy On The Street’ Clip

Jason Sudeikis stops by Thursday’s brand new episode of this season of truTV’s Billy on the Street, and in honor of the former Saturday Night Live cast member’s appearance (currently seen in Fox’s The Last Mean on Earth), Billy Eichner takes a bit of a departure of form and bros out with Sudeikis and some other random bros around the streets of New York City for a “bro lightning round.” So, rather than asking random passersby questions about Meryl Streep, he instead asks about whether or not they’ve seen Seth Rogen’s Neighbors, whether they “killed it or crushed it” in 2015, and which of the cast of Veep they’d have sex with.

Spoiler alert: The answer to the last question is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, although they will also accept Anna Chlumsky as an answer so long as Julia is the first pick. New York City has seen a lot over the years, but it’s probably safe to say this is the first time a pack of “bros” has walked around its streets going, “What about the New Adventures of Old Christine?? What about the New Adventures of Old Christine, b*tch??” Billy Eichner continues to be a delight in every single way.