Billy Eichner Defends ‘Sex And The City 2’ To Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City 2 has a 15 percent “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The AV Club said that it “panders to [the] audience to the point of self-destruction,” while the New York Times criticized the film for being about “someone else’s boredom, someone else’s vacation, and ultimately someone else’s desire to exploit that vicarious pleasure for profit. Which isn’t much fun at all.”

Point is, Sex and the City 2 isn’t very good. But don’t tell that to Billy Eichner.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s such a Carrie, dropped by Billy on the Street to play “Reindeer or Sex App?” with Eichner, who’s such a Samantha. But before the game, the host vented to SJP about the public’s reaction to Sex and the City 2, which received seven nominations at the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards (it “lost” Worst Picture to The Last Airbender). He even brought up his science-fiction-loving friend, who “can’t believe [the SATC foursome] go to the Middle East but you believe in f*cking Chewbacca? You f*cking turd… You’ll believe anything that happens on some planet George Lucas made up but you can’t believe Kim Cattrall would film for a few weeks in Morocco?”

Eichner must be relieved to have gotten that off his chest, and to have given away an L. Ron Hubbard doll to Sarah Jessica Parker. Move over, Mr. Big; Carrie has a new boy toy, and he’s the founder of Scientology.

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