Netflix Renews ‘Black Mirror’ For Another Season Of Technology Slowly Destroying Humans


The first two seasons (or “series”) of Black Mirror totaled six episodes combined. But when Charlie Brooker’s technology-is-bad anthology show switched to Netflix, the episode count was upped to six episodes… per season. The quality has peaked and bottomed within the longer seasons (“Hang the DJ” — good; “Metalhead” — less good!), but the streaming service trusts Brooker to come up with new ways to show us why our toaster will murder us.

Black Mirror was renewed for a fifth season, Netflix announced on Monday. A teaser trailer was also uploaded to Twitter. “The future will be brighter than ever,” the (not-at-all ironic) tweet reads, with clips from some of the show’s most acclaimed episodes, including “San Junipero” and “Be Right Back.”

As for when Black Mirror will be back? Well…

Black Mirror has not yet started production on a new season. Season four — which premiered at the very end of 2017 — was already filming this time last year. (Via)

In other words, assume season four will debut in 2019, along with the final season of Game of Thrones, True Detective season three, and probably Stranger Things season 3. It’s already turning into a very good year for TV, assuming our Google-linked hairdryers/dating apps, or whatever, don’t attack us first.