‘Black-Ish’ Will Be One Of The First Shows To Directly Address President Trump

Properly-rated Meryl Streep being presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award wasn’t the only thing Donald Trump didn’t like about the Golden Globes.

After black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross won for Best Actress in a TV Comedy on Sunday, an old tweet from the president-elect resurfaced. “How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled Blackish?” Trump wrote. “Can you imagine the furor of a show, Whiteish! Racism at highest level?” Imagine how he’ll feel after black-ish devotes an entire episode to him becoming president.

In “Lemons,” which airs this Wednesday, just over a week before Trump’s celebrity-free inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20, tensions are high at Dre’s office. “Much to his frustration, they haven’t been able to get anything done since election night – eight weeks ago,” according to the plot summary. “Meanwhile, Junior is dealing with a disenfranchised student body as class president, and when he is asked to deliver Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at school, Pops teaches him there is more to the speech than Junior thought.”

black-ish has tackled important contemporary issues before — season two’s “Hope” is a series’ standout — and it’s one of the first scripted shows, after South Park and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (“We did have a black president before the orange one”), to directly address President Trump.

In the clip above, Daphne (Wanda Sykes) asks co-worker Lucy (Catherine Reitman) to explain “how 53 percent of white women voted for the orange p*ssy-grabber? Lucy, I mean, as a resident white woman, if there was ever a cue for you to talk, it would be now. Why didn’t your sisters turn out for Hillary?” After a moment of hesitation, Lucy replies, “Well, first, white women aren’t sisters. We hate each other. Second, if you must know, I voted for Trump.” When an outraged Daphne reasons that a vote for Trump is a vote for racism, Lucy says the one thing no white person should ever say: “I have black friends.”

“Lemons” airs on Wednesday, Jan. 11.