The Best ‘Burger Of The Day’ Puns From ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ Ranked

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Try as they might, the Belchers are terrible at running a small business. While the titular Bob’s Burgers always manages to keep its doors open, there is always the sense that they are one bad lunch rush away from losing it all. As bad as they are in turning a profit, however, they are equally as ingenious at creating the perfectly delicious Burger of the Day pun.

The show has featured over a hundred of these puns over the course of seven seasons (and change) and fans have even taken their love of the creative burgers to the next level by making them in real life, which may be the most mouthwatering bit of fandom to date. Still, all burger puns are not created equally, and so, by taking creativity, pop culture relevance, and perceived tastiness — very important, because no one really wants to eat the “Peas and Thank You” burger — into account, we ranked the best puns to date.

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