The Best ‘Burger Of The Day’ Puns From ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ Ranked

Try as they might, the Belchers are terrible at running a small business. While the titular Bob’s Burgers always manages to keep its doors open, there is always the sense that they are one bad lunch rush away from losing it all. As bad as they are in turning a profit, however, they are equally as ingenious at creating the perfectly delicious Burger of the Day pun.

The show has featured over a hundred of these puns over the course of seven seasons (and change) and fans have even taken their love of the creative burgers to the next level by making them in real life, which may be the most mouthwatering bit of fandom to date. Still, all burger puns are not created equally, and so, by taking creativity, pop culture relevance, and perceived tastiness — very important, because no one really wants to eat the “Peas and Thank You” burger — into account, we ranked the best puns to date.

20. “She’s A Super Leek Burger”

(Season 3, Episode 6 “The Deepening”)

First of all, leeks are an underutilized vegetable, so bravo to Bob for letting his culinary muscles flex a bit. But, that damn song is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, which could either give your afternoon a shot of disco realness or you’ll have lost your mind before dinnertime.

19. “Say It Ain’t Cilantro Burger (Doesn’t come with cilantro… because cilantro is terrible)”

(Season 3, Episode 1 “Ear-sy Rider”)

While it does have an amazing Weezer based name, it’s really the postscript that gets this burger pun on the list. Cilantro is one of the most divisive herbs (yes, herbs can be VERY divisive), and the Belcher’s hardline stance is the right one.

18. “Hit Me With Your Best Shallot Burger”

(Season 1, Episode 10 “Burger Wars”)

One of the best parts of Bob’s Burgers is the indefatigable spirit of Tina, a strong and smart preteen who dances to the beat of her own drum. She loves butts, zombies, and erotic friend fiction, so of course she would love a good Pat Benatar power ballad. It is the ultimate form of emotional catharsis.

17. “Plymouth Roquefort Burger”

(Season 3, Episode 5 “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”)

Bob’s Burgers really shines with its holiday episodes, particularly when exploring Bob’s obsessive love of Thanksgiving. Getting his family to appreciate the work that he puts into the dinner is Bob’s personal Plymouth Rock, so the metaphor certainly stands on its own, outside of its obvious deliciousness.

16. “Papaya Was a Rolling Stone Burger”

(Season 2, Episode 4 “Burgerboss”)

The ongoing battle between Bob and Jimmy Pesto is built into the bedrock of Bob’s Burgers, despite the awkward, occasional love between Tina and Jimmy Jr. The fatherhood based name harkens back to that rivalry, and reminds viewers that fruit on a burger should never be discounted. Give it a whirl while letting fly your middle finger to the local pizza joint.

15. Mission A-Corn-Plished Burger (comes with corn salsa)

(Season 1, Episode 3 “Sacred Cow”)

Sometimes the funniest pun is the most forced, so it’s hard not to snicker at this maize masterpiece. However, you will also be filled with a sure-to-never-be-satisfied desire to have Tom Cruise guest star on the show. A showdown between Cruise and Louise is truly the stuff of comedy dreams.

14. “Foot Feta-ish Burger (comes with feta cheese, previously Never Been Feta)”

(Season 1, Episode 2 “Crawl Space”)

Louise should never be allowed near the Burger of the Day chalkboard.

13. “Blondes Have More Fun-gus Burger (comes with mushrooms)”

(Season 5, Episode 7 “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy”)
You shouldn’t mess with a classic, proven by Linda’s weird stint as a blonde. Similarly, never forget the perfect combo of beef and mushrooms. Bring on that fungus.

12. “We’re Here, We’re Gruyere, Get Used to It Burger”

(Season 3, Episode 3 “Bob Fires the Kids”)

Progressive politics with some stinky cheese? Don’t mind if I do, Belchers. Don’t mind if I do.

11. “Top Butt Burger (your face looks like a butt)”

(Season 3, Episode 20 “The Kids Run The Restaurant”)

Never mind. Louise should always be in charge of the Burger of the Day chalkboard.

10. “Chile Relleno-You-Didn’t Burger”

(Season 3, Episode 17 “Two for Tina”)

A spicier take on the classic burger is the perfect option when Tina finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. It brings the sass, because your ass is grass, and Tina’s going to mow it.

9. “Open Sesame Burger (served open-faced on a sesame seed bun)”

(Season 3, Episode 7 “Tina-rannosaurus Wrecks”)
Some puns are so obvious that to omit them would be criminal. While the inherent value of the open-faced sandwich is debatable (why make something perfect on its own harder to eat?), you can’t leave sesame out. It’s too deeply ingrained (pun 100% intended).

8. “I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings”

(Season 3, Episode 16 “Topsy”)

It’s hard not to get the feeling that Bob sometimes feels trapped by his circumstances. Yes, he loves his family and his life, but life could be a little easier. I’m not saying this Burger of the Day is a cry for help, but I’m not not saying that either.

7. “The Human Polenta-pede Burger”

(Season 5, Episode 2 “Tina and the Real Ghost”)

While The Human Centipede is probably the last thing that anyone should think of before eating lunch, this Halloween pun is just perfectly on point. Plus, incorporating polenta might keep the hipsters happy, opening up a whole new demographic for the restaurant.

6. “The Glass Fromagerie Burger”

(Season 6, Episode 18 “Secret Admiral-irer”)

Rick and Morty fans may be certain that their favorite show is the smartest on TV, but Bob’s Burgers has that stealth wit. Working in a Tennessee Williams reference while also promising a ton of cheese? That is a winning combination.

5. “Put Me In Poached Burger (comes with a poached egg)”

(Season 6, Episode 19 “Glued, Where’s My Bob?“)

Not only is this an inspirational pun (you’ll feel like you’re making all of your childhood authority figures prouder with each bite), adding eggs to a burger is transcendent. You know it, I know it, even weirdos who hate brunch know it. Embrace the egg. Your taste buds will thank you.

4. Fifth Day of Christmas Burger (comes with five golden rings of onion)

(Season 3, Episode 9 “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”)

This Burger of the Day has everything: the holiday spirit, a clever name, and onion rings. May all of your Christmases be filled with onion rings instead of squatters who may or may not be deeply in love with a sex shop mannequin.

3. “Poutine on the Ritz Burger (comes with poutine fries)”

(Season 2, Episode 9 “Beefsquatch”)
It can be a tricky thing to find poutine south of the Canadian border, but Bob was thinking outside of the box with this one. It’s flair like this that got him his brief cooking segment on the morning news, even though it was quickly destroyed by his children’s hijinks (looking at you on this one, Gene).

2. “The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside the House Burger (comes with cauliflower & cumin)”

(Season 4, Episode 2 ” Fort Night”)

Honestly, the cauliflower and cumin combination is not the most appetizing. However, this double whammy of a pun is just too perfect, capturing the mood of the spooky yet hilarious episode and delighting fans of horror tropes in equal measure.

1. “The Child Molester” (Comes with candy!)”

(Season 1, Episode 1 “Human Flesh”)

You just can’t beat that first one. Not only is candy the absolute best, this dark joke let fans know exactly what to expect from the Belcher’s dynamic, especially regarding Louise. If you laughed, Bob’s Burgers was the show for you.