Where In The World Is BoJack Horseman In The Season 4 Trailer?

Senior Pop Culture Editor

The last time we saw BoJack Horseman, he almost killed himself. So, yeah, he’s doing well. It was an appropriately dark, but ultimately life-affirming ending for what’s, somehow, both the funniest and most depressing show on TV. (The finale involved a silly “pasta catastrophe” and BoJack dealing with the heartbreaking and drug-fueled death of a young former co-star.) Season four looks equally hilarious/sad, based on the trailer Netflix just released.

BoJack still hasn’t returned from his desert drive. In fact, no one knows where he is, but only one person cares: Diane. Everyone else has appeared to move on, including Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let’s Find Out! host Mr. Peanutbutter, who’s running for governor; Princess Carolyn, who wants to start a family with Ralph; and Todd, who’s up to his usual wacky hijinks (“I never know if I can handle anything. That’s what makes my life so exciting” — we should live as carefree as Todd). We don’t even see BoJack (who, oh yeah, has a teenage daughter he doesn’t know about) in the trailer until the very end, when he pulls up to a lakeside house. “Wherever you are,” Diane says, “I hope you’re happy. I really do.”

I do, too, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t count on it. BoJack Horseman returns on September 8. To see more shows coming to Netflix next month, head here.

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