‘Bones’ Plans To Pack It In After A 12-Episode Farewell Season

We’re getting one big ol’ farewell from Bones next season as Fox’s veteran crime procedural has scored a renewal for one more ride. It’s bittersweet news for the show’s fans, but fantastic news for anyone wanting a buyer’s market on “Squinterns.”

Season 12 of Bones will double as the show’s last with Brennan, Booth and the like packing it in once the order comes to a close. There’s no set date for the series finale, but it’s been confirmed that season 12 will feature a total of 12 episodes. Will all of these episodes be Sleepy Hollow crossovers? Probably not and that’s an absolute shame. YOU’RE LEAVING MODERATE AMOUNTS OF MONEY ON THE TABLE, FOX!

Once Bones wraps up its last go-around, the episode total will have hit 246 episodes. Creator/Executive Producer Hart Hanson didn’t shy away from addressing the show’s status as reliable in his comments about the program coming to a close.

“In times like these, marked by instability and doubt, it’s comforting to know the world can count on at least one dependable beacon of stability. Apparently, that beacon is BONES,” said creator and executive producer Hart Hanson. “It just shows what you can do with an amalgam of genius cast, amazing crew, cunning writers, stalwart studio, sweat, a tough economy, a mercurial network, determination, luck, magic, miracles and the most loyal audience in the world.”

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel also gave fans a shout-out when remarking on the future of Bones.

“This is for the fans! Thank you to everyone at Fox and, of course, Dana and Gary – for all your support,” said series star and producer David Boreanaz. “Thank you to Hart, Stephen, Ian [Toynton], Michael and Jonathan. Also to the crew and cast for their countless support along the way! And I couldn’t have done it without you, Emily!”

“I am thrilled the show will have the ending it deserves for all of our amazing, loyal fans!,” added series star and producer Emily Deschanel.

It would be a bit of a heel move accompanying your renewal news with telling fans to p*ss up a rope. That’s why you hire professionals.

Season 12 looms on the horizon, but there’s still some unfinished business with season 11 to attend to. The show is set to return for its spring premiere on April 14.

(via Deadline)