5 Quick Revelations About The Last 8 Episodes Of 'Breaking Bad'

We’re still five months away from the mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad (although, a July date has not been confirmed, it’s what we expect), but there’s never any shortage of Breaking Bad headlines. With only 8 episodes of the series remaining, we’ll chew over every detail we can get. In a very short post over on TV Guide, where they caught up with Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston four episodes into filming, we got a lot of tiny details crammed into it a very small amount of text. Here’s a quick five revelations:

1. Skyler will get a new car — $10 to the first person to take this bet: Skyler will buy a new car to spite Walter White, after he bought both himself and Walt Jr. cars against Skyler’s wishes.

2. There will be tears — “There are two scenes with a neighbor lady named Carol. One is very sweet and nice. And one is not,” says Cranston, who directs the mid-season premiere. Oh, man: Is Walter going to kill that poor old neighbor lady? Why Walter? WE LOVED HER. You’re such a bastard, Walter White. (p.s. I have no idea who Carol is).

3. “It feels literally like the apocalypse”. “Walt’s actions have touched everyone around him, so we are all being affected. The world’s crumbling, and you’re watching everybody fall apart,” says Anna Gunn. Apocalypse” People affected, crumbling, falling apart? That sounds like a backdoor pilot to a The Walking Dead sequel. Also, I don’t think “literally” is meant in the “literal” sense here.

4. No Major Characters Die in the First Four Episodes — Damnit Marie.

5. At Least One Regular Character Will Die Before the Finale — The post specifically said “regular” character and not “major” character, so: Stinky Pete? Badger? Wendy? Bogdan? HOLLY WHITE?

It’s gotta be the baby.

(Source: TV Guide)