The Latest ‘Breaking Bad’ Teaser Features Walter White Scared And In His Underpants

07.15.13 12 Comments

Late last week AMC released the first two teaser clips for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, one featuring Jesse and a scurrying cockroach, and one featuring Hank speeding down the highway with an intense, possibly pained expression on his face. The latest teaser, posted on YouTube yesterday, gives us a brief shot of a visibly frightened Walter White standing in his driveway in a robe, t-shirt, and underpants. What is he scared of? What is he holding? Is it a note that says “SNAKES”? That would scare me if I was heading out to get the paper. Snakes?! Where?! Here?! What if one comes in the front door?! No thank you, sir or madam. No thank you at all.

One other note about this teaser: Walking outside in an open robe with nothing but a white t-shirt and tighty-whities underneath is a very dad move. Arguably the most dad move. Walter White may be a big scary man who IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKS and IS THE DANGER and all that, but he’s also got a dad streak that’s deeper than the ocean.

(Film Thrasher via Pop Culture Brain)

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