We Believe In You, 'Breaking Batman'

We’re being spoiled. Two of the most anticipated pop culture events of the year happen within a week of each other, and no I’m not talking about the new Hoobastank album coming out the same day as Miley Cyrus’s LOLtastic LOL on DVD. The first goes down this Sunday, when AMC’s Breaking Bad returns for its fifth and final season premiere, while the other, the release of The Dark Knight Rises, occurs five days later.

New York-based sketch team the Quanrudes cooked the two pop culture titles together into a skin-scratchingly-good mash-up of clips from throughout Breaking Bad‘s run and Batman‘s filmography, including that scene from Batman & Robin when the Dynamic Duo fight and Robin falls into a giant cauldron of green goo. (Related: I hope Tom Hardy learned how to truly BE Bane from watching Robert Swenson’s performance.)

Walt, Jr. as James Gordon = brilliant. Check it out below.